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Unearth Hidden Water Leaks with Ease

Discover an unbeatable solution for underground water leaks that can potentially save you thousands of dollars. At Pacific Leak Locators, we specialize in detecting concealed leaks before they wreak havoc.

Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

Unearthing a hidden water leak can prove to be a daunting challenge, often leaving even the most seasoned plumbers scratching their heads. Witnessing the distress, property damage, chaos, and financial strain that property owners endure while dealing with buried water leaks, Pacific Leak Locators has made it their mission to offer a service that alleviates stress, minimizes unnecessary expenses, and replaces guesswork with results.

No More Haphazard Digging

No more haphazard digging or replacing entire service lines when a simple repair can do the job!

Experience and Professionalism

Pacific Leak Locators takes great pride in their wealth of experience and unwavering professionalism. They embrace timeless business values while harnessing cutting-edge techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for their customers.

Remarkable Cost-Efficiency

When it comes to water line replacement, the cost can be substantial. However, our services can offer unmatched cost-efficiency, saving you money. By choosing us, you not only safeguard your property but also your hard-earned money. Our expertise and state-of-the-art technology enable us to pinpoint the precise location of the leak, sparing you from the unnecessary expense and disruption of a full service line replacement.

Trust in Pacific Leak Locators

Don't let a water leak drain your finances; trust us to provide a cost-effective, efficient solution.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the leak to be within a 4 foot radius of our mark, or we will relocate the same leak at no cost to you*

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Serving Victoria and all of Vancouver Island


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Leak Detection Services Provided

Water service lines  (1/2"-2")

Water mains  (2"-24")

Irrigation mains

Pipeline Camera Inspection (3/4"-2")

Thermal Camera Inspection

Process piping

Slab Leaks

Water leak surveys

Swimming Pools

Small water systems

             Buried Water Line Leak Detection

Pacific Leak Locators specialize in using advanced technology  to find your water line leak as efficiently as possible. The right equipment coupled with 24 years of experience means that we will find your hidden leak. We locate water leaks, saving you money. 

Received a massive water bill?

Hear water noise in your pipes?

Experiencing low water pressure?

Painted x on front lawn marking leak location

The Process

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Service Area

Pacific Leak Locators  proudly serves the following areas: Victoria from Sooke to Sidney and  all of southern Vancouver Island including the Gulf Islands. We may also travel out of the service area on special request.

How Do We Do It?

As a leak detection specialist company we use the best leak detection equipment available on the market today. Our experienced operator will assess the situation and choose which method will be the most suitable to locate the leak as quickly and accurately as possible. Often times it takes multiple methods to successfully locate hidden water leaks.

Two of the methods we use:


Visual image of buried water pipe leak sound

Acoustic leak detection is usually the first method we employ to locate a buried water line leak. Water escaping from a leak in a pipe, makes a noise. The greater the pressure typically, the louder the noise. We can also use compressed air to create a different noise that can assist with hearing the leak.

We start with determining where the water service line is on the property. We then perform a leak survey by walking the line listening with a super sensitive amplified microphone. We are looking for the area with the loudest noise – this is typically where the leak will be found.


Image of hydrogen escaping buried pipe

Sometimes the acoustic method will not be successful for reasons such as traffic noise, wind, rain, unfavorable ground conditions or too small of a leak. In those cases we can employ tracer gas leak detection. Hydrogen tracer gas is a harmless, non-toxic, lighter-than-air gas. It can be safely injected into an empty pipe and will escape from the leak. It then makes its way to the surface following the path of least resistance. Once the tracer gas reaches the surface, we determine the location of the leak using a super sensitive gas detector tuned to specifically detect hydrogen.

The tracer gas we use is inert, non-toxic, non-combustible, completely safe and leaves no residue or deposit either in the pipes or on any surrounding material. It is composed of 5% Hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen.

My Story

100% locally owned and operated with a commitment to prompt, exceptional service. Having 24+ years experience in  municipal construction and maintenance, Hayden wanted to put his skills and experience to use helping homeowners, strata's, government, contractors and commercial business pinpoint underground water leaks quickly and accurately. 

Leak Locators was launched in the fall of 2022. Hayden is a  EOCP certified level 4 Water Distribution operator as well as a C2EP Professional Operator. Utilizing specialized locating devices and, most importantly, years of in-the-ground experience, Hayden will find your hidden water leak! 

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Pacific Leak Locators is committed to providing the best possible leak detection and customer service in Victoria BC

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